Do You Need Foundation Repair?

Most people know when they need foundation repair, or can quickly determine that it is needed. If you are wondering if you need foundation repair Cook County IL, you’ve come to the right place to learn. Read below to learn some of the signs that indicate you need foundation repair, and call a professional at the first sign for repair.

Cracks in the wall

If there are cracks in the wall, it’s a sign that repairs are needed to the foundation. Horizontal cracks in the corners of windows and in the doors are the most common areas you will see cracks when there is foundation trouble.

Ceiling staining

Are there yellow stains on your ceiling? If so, this is another sign that you need foundation repair immediately. Oftentimes, these yellow stains are in round circles, with several shades of yellow and brown. They are caused by water damage.

Uneven flooring

Uneven flooring is yet another sign that there is problem with your foundation. Do you find it hard to close doors? Does it appear that your walls are separating from the floor? These are two signs that indicate foundation trouble is rearing its head.

Windows Won’t Fit

Do you have trouble closing the windows? You can try raising them, and if they are uneven, you likely need an expert to come to your home to provide foundation repair.

If you notice the signs of foundation trouble listed above arising in your house, make the smart move and call a foundation repair expert at once. Of course, these are only a few of the indications that there is trouble with the foundation in your home. An expert can make a quick diagnosis and repair the problem, too. The sooner you get the repairs made, the better.